Telehealth Response

Telehealth Tier

Transition patients from 911 or EMS on-scene to virtual care with licensed physicians that will provide comprehensive and personalized care.

For Public Safety

Leverage existing technical infrastructure, EMD protocols, and workflows to reduce personnel strain, training times, and adoption challenges.


Measure performance, patient satisfaction, and other desired outcomes for effective improvement planning and view insights gleaned from your peers.

Our Solutions

MD Ally was designed to enable an innovative EMS-provider collaboration that optimizes community-based medical services, establishes strong patient-provider relationships, and ensures great clinical and financial outcomes for the patient.

Public Safety

Reduce ambulance response times, eliminate code zero events, and improve first responders ability to save lives.Learn more  

Provider Organizations

For providers passionate about ensuring the appropriate use of emergency resources and enabling access to routine care.Learn more  

On-demand telemedicine at the fingertips of dispatchers and first responders

Patient-centered care means getting patients to the right level of care at the right time and place. Securely connect your patients to readily-available, licensed providers for virtual medical and behavioral health care provided immediately following a handoff from your team. This conveniently eliminates long ER wait times for the patient, moving up the “clock of care” to a matter of minutes and ensuring they receive quality care quickly.

Go beyond telehealth to streamline coordination throughout the entire patient journey

Increase the breadth and efficiency of your operations to significantly improve health outcomes in your community. Providers can schedule any necessary follow-up appointments and arrange alternate transportation with ease.

Actionable insights improve planning, demonstrate impact and project future success

Our customizable, reporting and analytics dashboard gives you up-to-date insight into the performance measures your stakeholders and community care about most. Ensure and measure patient satisfaction with automated patient outreach and digitized experience surveying. Ascertain adherence with the treatment plans, capture outcomes data and receive feedback from your most important stakeholder - the patient.


The #1 Reason to Choose MD Ally

Our goal is to optimize every aspect of the patient journey for non-emergency callers from the start of a triaged call to post-treatment follow up to ensure treatment plan adherence. As your white-label partner, we believe that better technology and functionality translates into a better patient experience in your community.

Licensed Providers Care Coordination Personalized Care EMS Integrated

MD Ally Enables

Unprecedented ease of access between public safety practitioners & providers.

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