partnership between EMS, ED Professionals, and MCOS



Public Safety Agencies

Speed, efficiency, and innovation in emergency medical services can mean the difference between life and death. MD Ally is passionate about creating forward-thinking technology for 911 dispatch centers that is on par with advancements in modern technology and improves their ability to save lives. We put additional care and low-acuity transportation support options at the calltaker's disposal to optimize response times for callers with true emergencies, eliminate the occurrence of code zero events, and reduce excessive cost burdens.

All communities should have access to the most innovative EMS care model that improves the efficacy of emergency resources. Physicians, nurses, dispatchers, city officials, and citizens alike are passionate about implementing the best emergency care delivery system possible and MD Ally enables natural synergies between all stakeholders to drive the best outcomes. 

Provider Organizations

ED professionals understand that moving up the clock of emergency care in a critical situation is crucial when it comes to saving lives. We vastly improve emergency care delivery by helping low-acuity 911 callers find care in the most appropriate setting. By providing non-emergency callers with access to medical professionals that are looking to have a greater impact on the community we alleviate the current strain on finite EMS and ED resources.

We're passionate about proactively providing immediate guidance to non-emergency patients and helping them with their site of care decision-making. This new, collaborative partnership creates a great opportunity for medical professionals to proactively improve clinical outcomes for truly emergent patients and earn additional income. Join our team to counsel patients and family members with low-acuity medical conditions identified as "not dangerous, not recent, or superficial," from the comfort of your own office or home. 



Managed Care Organizations

Most insurance beneficiaries have been trained to call 911 or go to the emergency room from a very young age whenever something hurts and they feel in need of non-urgent, primary care. We embrace this ingrained patient behavior and proactively engage identified, low-acuity 911 callers at the most costly point of care to provide them with experienced clinical guidance by one of our skilled medical professionals. 

It is estimated that nearly half of all 911 calls and 56% of all emergency room visits are for patients seeking care for low-acuity needs; driving over $288 billion dollars in excess costs each year. MD Ally enables a strong partnership between 911 dispatchers, medical professionals, and payers to advise your members on the most appropriate site of care for their medical needs. Thus, both eliminating billions in inappropriate costs and improving clinical outcomes.  


MD Ally helps you ensure the appropriate use of emergency resources by improving access to routine care within your community.



A forward-thinking care delivery

Improve ambulance response times, reduce code zero events and improve your ability to save lives. 


a new, impactful approach pre-hospital care

Counsel low-acuity 911 callers on the most appropriate site of care to improve emergency care.