How It Works

Triage to telemedicine to enhance, support, and fill non-emergency care gaps in emergency medical services.

Enhance Your EMD Process

Optimize the effectiveness of your emergency medical dispatch process and enhance existing protocols by putting telemedicine and care coordination at the fingertips of dispatchers and first responders.

    Initial Assessment

    After a 911 call is received or an EMT is on-scene, follow your existing emergency medical dispatch triage protocols and on-scene EMT no-transport direction to identify non-life-threatening incidents where a lower-acuity level of care or destination may more appropriately meet the individual’s needs.

    Patient Education

    Educate and inform patient of additional, immediately available support provided by a qualified healthcare professional for their convenience and designed to meet their care needs. Then, simply connect them to a provider for real-time medical and behavioral health care guidance, care coordination, and follow up.

    Harmonious Handoff

    Our EMS APIs were thoughtfully designed by public safety and provider team members to improve call-handling times, reduce turnaround time, and ensure a harmonious handoff by securely syncing previously-entered CAD & ePCR data across systems to reduce repetition and inform providers of the patients concerns.


Dispatch Triage

Our CAD-integrated platform enhances the effectiveness of your existing triage protocols by enabling immediate call transfers to a provider and additional care coordination.


On-scene Triage

Our ePCR-integrated platform allows you to provide immediate treatment-in-place with a qualified health care practitioner following a decision not to transport.

Connect Patients and Providers

We enable and scale EMS-Provider collaborations to optimize patient healthcare outcomes in your community.


    Instant access to telemedicine and telepsychiatry providers for non-emergency patients.

    Coordinated Care

    Real-time, care coordination from the moment the call is tranferred to a qualified healthcare professional.

    Reporting & Analytics

    Automated patient satisfaction outreach & capture outcomes-related data capture for improvement planning.

"Allow patients to access the most appropriate emergency services at the right time and place and partner with qualified healthcare professionals to improve patient healthcare outcomes"

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